Read, 2014


Penn Admissions returned to work in 2014 on a snowy January day; bundled for the weather, we are excited to begin reviewing and evaluating applications to the University of Pennsylvania’s Class of 2018. As a regular decision applicant (to any university), please keep the following in mind:

• Admissions offices will work with you to make sure your file is complete. At Penn, this means that we reach out to applicants directly regarding missing items.

• Our office looks forward to the next three months of evaluation with enthusiasm. Getting to know you is a rewarding part of our work—universities are excited to receive and review your application!

• Interview tips from the Penn Alumni Interview Program and Penn Admissions are available here.

• The application deadline is behind you. Enjoy the winter with your family, friends, classmates, and teachers.  Continue excelling in your schoolwork and activities, with an eye to the positive and enduring legacy you will leave in your high school.

In late March, I will encourage seniors to return to Page 217’s framework to re-visit Attributes and Alignment as they consider the exciting college options in front of them. This winter, together with my staff, I am excited to rewind and explore the college search process at an earlier point in the cycle at junior night programs.

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