Read, 5Is Inform Impact

5Is Inform Impact

Penn Nursing professor and the first University of Pennsylvania Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Bridgette Brawner, was inspired and challenged by her early childhood in Flatbush, Brooklyn and her first job as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse in Philadelphia. These experiences led her to pursue meaningful, community-based work on adolescent HIV/AIDS prevention, featured this week in Diverse, a publication focused on diversity and higher education.

As you read, note the connections between the 5Is (Identity, Intellect, Ideas, Interests, and Inspiration) and Dr. Brawner’s accomplishments. The spaces in which we have grown up, our daily experiences, and the people in our lives inform the ways we will affect our communities. Dr. Brawner’s story is a dynamic example of the application of the 5Is, and we see how far a unique, multi-layered personal journey can take us. Always allow time for reflection—

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