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A Campus Experiment

We release decisions for regular decision applicants today at 5 p.m. As an office, we are honored to get to know so many outstanding high school seniors. Given the limited space in the class and the depth of this pool, this is a bittersweet moment as many will receive less positive news. Nonetheless, I am confident that all applicants to Penn will find a campus home by May 1.

In the committee room, we ask two fundamental questions: How will this student choose to thrive at Penn, both academically and socially? And how will their perspective enhance the living and learning experience on campus for others? To our admitted students, congratulations. Your Penn fit, as seen through the lens of these questions, inspired us. We are excited for you to meet our campus community and each other.

The Class of 2019 embodies the University’s long-standing commitments to inclusion, innovation, and impact. This multitalented class reaches important University milestones. Wharton women and women in engineering are at all-time highs, representing over 40% of each undergraduate school. 13% of the class are the first in their family to attend college. Over 200 students self-identify as LGBTQ. This year also marks the third year of our partnership with KIPP, a national network of innovative charter schools. We have invited 18 Kippsters, a record number, to come to campus next fall.

As the voices of Penn evolve, they remain both rounded and representative. In any cross-section of the class of 2019, you will find a wide breadth of voices. Admitted students will bring to campus unique stories, ideas, and experiences. 2019ers include third generation legacies, representatives of all fifty states, activists and community contributors, and deep, quirky thinkers.

Penn’s founder, Benjamin Franklin said, famously, “Let the experiment be made” before revolutionizing our understanding of electricity. Likewise, on Penn’s campus, an experiment begins as admitted students assume their place in the Class of 2019. Interactions, with each other, community spaces, faculty and staff, will create a distinct, and as of yet, unknown mosaic. I am confident that by working and living together, the uncommon voices of this class will flourish. This class will lead, think, and act differently.

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