Read, After Hurricane Harvey

After Hurricane Harvey

I have been to Houston many times over the course of my admissions career: I’ve spent time with good friends, eaten great meals, and had inspiring conversations with students and colleagues I deeply admire. So to see the images of such a vibrant city in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is almost unreal. Words fail, but our thoughts and hearts are with you.

The impact of this disaster, however, is all too real, and we understand that some of the repercussions from this event will be felt days, weeks, and even months from now. Here is how Penn can help:

  • We have cancelled our Experience Penn: Houston event scheduled for September 10, 2017 at 3pm. Your safety is our priority and we felt this would relieve families from undue pressure around transportation and planning. Our website continues to be the best place to learn about other scheduled events.
  • Over the next few weeks, we’ll be reaching out to all students in the impacted areas with information about virtual events. We do not track demonstrated interest, so don’t feel pressure to attend these virtual events. However, we hope you’ll feel that you can still learn about Penn and connect with our admissions staff if you need to.
  • We’ll continue to monitor the situation, and will rely on our Counselor Advisory Board to help us make the appropriate policy changes as our Early Decision deadline approaches.
  • Our Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs and many members of our residential life, counseling, and other support services across the entire University have been reaching out to make sure that all of our current students from Texas are also safe.
  • If your family is severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey and you need help with a deadline or a fee waiver, let your guidance counselor know and we will work with them to find a solution.

Philadelphia, Penn’s home, is the City of Brotherly Love. We are sending all of you some of that love today. Take care of yourselves. We’re here to help, and we are with you.

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