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Convocation 2018

Today marks the first day of classes of the new academic year at Penn. This time of year is filled with excitement, new beginnings, and anticipation about what the coming year will hold. Last night, I helped to welcome the class of 2022 during our annual Convocation ceremony and, in my comments below, officially “passed the baton” on our newest students to our president, Dr. Amy Gutmann. For these students, the next four years will include great accomplishments, some challenges, and much growth along the way. All of us at Penn look forward to seeing how this newest class will work together to make change for the better and to make our future even brighter. Congratulations to the class of 2022. We’re so glad you’re here.

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Class of 2022 and Transfer students, as your dean of admissions I am incredibly proud to see you finally assembled together in front of College Hall.

It’s time for your individual stories to become your narrative as a class through your shared Penn journey.

It’s time to form a collective identity shaped by working together in the classrooms, labs and academic hubs; creating publications and competing in athletic competitions; exploring the libraries and Penn Museum; expressing yourself in artistic venues; discovering the richness of your backgrounds in our cultural resource centers; impacting our community across Penn’s centers for civic engagement….and of course, feeling the energy of Locust Walk.

You are not doing any of this to polish off a new resume for another admission process…rather immerse yourselves to realize the strength of over 2,600 hundred diverse voices ringing out as one across campus, the great city of Philadelphia and around the globe.

Class of 2022 and transfers it’s time, it’s your time!

Now I am proud to carry on the tradition of passing this Penn Relays Baton representing all of you to our President,

Dr. Amy Gutmann

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