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Convocation 2019

In front of College Hall on a beautiful late summer evening, the class of 2023 convened before their first day of classes at Convocation. I offered the following remarks to the incoming first year students and transfer students:

Class of 2023 and Transfer Students,

As your dean of admissions, I welcome all of you on behalf of the staff of Penn Admissions and our academic and university life partners who found merit in your individual stories through the college selection process.

Penn chose you and you chose Penn.

Now the real work–and fun–begins.

The work is not about building a new transcript and resume for the next application process or reaching for the next rung on a career ladder.

The opportunity and challenge you all have in front of you is to take the time to learn from each other, by actively listening with an open mind and an open heart.  You are all smart. But none of us has all the answers.

Through the academic curriculum, campus spaces like Locust Walk, and the great city of Philadelphia, seek greater knowledge by learning from those around you, especially those who have had different experiences throughout life—you have four years to learn from each other, support each other, and grow together.

Enjoy these moments as you evolve from a collection of individuals and form an identity as a class.

Now with this Penn Relays baton, I put you into the caring hands of our President, Dr. Amy Gutmann.

To read more about Convocation, please visit Penn News Today.

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