Page 217 – Assess Yourself and Colleges

Read, Page 217 – Assess Yourself and Colleges

Page 217 – Assess Yourself and Colleges

When looking at colleges, I always ask students to first look within yourself, a self assessment that I call the 5 I’s:

  1. Identity: How do you see yourself and how do others see you?
  2. Intellect: How do you think and approach the acquisition of knowledge?
  3. Ideas: What do you think and why?
  4. Interests: What do you choose to do when you have the time and flexibility?
  5. Inspiration: What really motivates you?

After looking within yourself, then consider the 5 most important characteristics that you want out of your college experience. Then assess colleges with these preferences in mind and through a framework I refer to as the 4 C’s.

  1. Culture: What is the history and mission of the institution. How is the mission relevant today?
  2. Curriculum: More than a listing of majors and programs, what is the design and aim of the courses you will take over 4 years?
  3. Community: Who are the people, the physical spaces of campus and the relationship of the campus to the local environment?
  4. Conclusions: What should I envision for myself at the end of my college experience? What are some of the outcomes I may expect?

Eric J. Furda C’87
Dean of Admissions

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