Read, Page 217 – The Likely Letter

Page 217 – The Likely Letter

Penn’s Office of Admissions contacted just over 200 students who were informed that they are ‘LIKELY’ admits to the class of 2016. This number is approximately 10% of the regular decision offers we will make at the end of March.

Along the framework of the 5 I’s and 4 C’s, through their applications, these students made particularly strong connections between their Identity, Intellect, Ideas, Interests and Inspiration, with Penn’s Culture, Curriculum and Community…we await the Conclusions.

For applicants who were not sent a likely letter, there are still over 1,800 spots left in the class. Admissions Officers are heading into committee over the next few weeks and are excited to discuss their stories.

Eric J. Furda C’87
Dean of Admissions

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