Don’t Fumble on the One Yard-Line

Read, Don’t Fumble on the One Yard-Line

Don’t Fumble on the One Yard-Line

This is an undeniably exciting time of the year for high school seniors. For students, you are rounding out the remainder of your high school career, completing final academic projects, wrapping up school and community involvements, and celebrating with friends, family and teachers the successful completion of your high school years. Many of you are also looking ahead to college, using these final weeks in April to solidify your college choice and begin planning for entering your new college community in the fall. You have worked so hard to get to this point – and many people have supported you along the way – and there is much to be excited about as your begin this next chapter. As an educator who works with students on the brink of this transition, I am inspired by the energy and opportunity that comes with the close of one academic chapter and the opening of another.

For students, while this spring may bring many well-deserved celebrations, it is also important to close out the remainder of your senior year in good academic and personal standing. Remaining an engaged and conscientious student in the classroom, a committed school citizen, and an upstanding member of your future college community will provide you with positive momentum to successfully close out your senior year and ease your transition to college. In fact, many offers of college admission are contingent upon students maintaining the level of academic performance and community standard evidenced in their applications. Any change could jeopardize that success. As you engage with future classmates on social media, remember that the same code of conduct applies online as it does in real life. Take a moment to consider your posts, Tweets and messages to make sure they represent you in the best possible light.

To employ a football analogy, all of you have moved the ball nearly the entire length of the field and are poised on the one yard-line, ready to score the winning touchdown. You have come so far in your academic, extracurricular and community accomplishments to arrive at this moment. We would hate to see a careless decision, risky behavior, or unbecoming conduct derail you here, at the one yard line, so close to the end. Keep your focus on the task at hand, your eye on the ball, and we know you will cross the finish line victoriously.

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