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Essays, Cont.

We come back to writing. Summer reflection focused on the 5 I’s complements the beginning of your college essay writing process. This powerful duo—of reflection and subsequent articulation—enables admissions professionals, professors, and administrators to see your potential impact in lecture halls, seminars, labs, and academic hubs. This process will also allow you to refine your academic and extracurricular interests, teasing out their origins, specificities, contingencies, and direction.

Many universities, like Penn, ask applicants to articulate their interests and specific fit with academic opportunities on campus in a supplemental essay to the Common Application. In May, P217 published essay tips for the Penn Writing Supplement to the Common Application, in which applicants speak to their potential academic path at Penn. With the important intersection of reflection, writing, impact, and interests in mind, over the next two weeks, we will use this space to post essay tips for Penn’s coordinated dual-degree and specialized programs. As you learn more about interdisciplinary opportunities at Penn, please keep the following in mind:
• Given the small size of these programs, applicants to Penn’s coordinated dual-degree and specialized programs have the option of listing a secondary program choice.
• Many—but not all—of Penn’s interdisciplinary programs require an additional essay.

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