Looking for Something To Do? 10 Pandemic-Friendly Ways to Spend Your Time 

Read, Looking for Something To Do? 10 Pandemic-Friendly Ways to Spend Your Time

Looking for Something To Do? 10 Pandemic-Friendly Ways to Spend Your Time 

This summer looks different than we all imagined it would. The coronavirus pandemic continues to upend many aspects of daily life, and a nationwide movement protesting systemic racism has coalesced across the country. Despite the changes to our lives we’re all experiencing, there remain many ways to spend your time constructively that might teach you something new, allow you to help others, or even prepare you to apply to college and fill out that “Activities” section of the applicationAs the new school year begins, we offer you the below list of ten suggestions. By no means requirements, these are merely suggestions to get the wheels turning, in case you’re looking for ways to spend your time 

  1. Read a book for pleasure.
  2. Help a family member, someone in your neighborhood, or your broader community. Many folks need additional assistance these days, and many organizations are seeking volunteers and support, including virtually or at a social distance. Investigate what organizations are active in your local area and how to get involved. 3.
  3. Listen to a podcast, watch a documentary, or read an article that teaches you something new. Share what you learned with a family member or friend. 
  4. Spend time outdoors, if you can do so safely! Soak up the Vitamin D — it’s good for you. 
  5. Remember to take care of yourself! Do something that makes YOU feel good.  
  6. Spend time with your family, friends and loved ones (while practicing safe social distance measures, of course!) 
  7. Attend a virtual college information session, campus tour, or panel. It won’t be the same as visiting in person, but some virtual opportunities allow for greater access to information than you might have had previously. Check out Penn’s offerings here.
  8. Consider starting to work on some part of your college application …brainstorm essay topics, think about what teachers to ask for your recommendations, start listing out your activities and how to describe them.  
  9. Have FUN and prioritize restWith so much uncertainty right now, it’s ok to pause and give yourself breaks. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. 
  10. Think about setting a goal, or two, for the school year ahead. This could be a personal goal, or an academic goal. Consider what first steps you might take now to begin to work towards that goal. 

As with any activity outside your house, remember to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands. Do your part to keep yourself and others healthy. And enjoy your remaining weeks of summer.

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