Read, May 1

May 1

We ask seniors to make a final commitment to one of their college choices by midnight tonight. While many have already replied to offers of admission, a number of students are still in the process of making this decision. Penn Admissions Regional Director, Lara Grieco, can still recall the anxiety and excitement in these final hours before the deadline—she offers sage advice on this choice:

“Take a deep breath and remember that you have incredible options before you. Regardless of which institution you choose, your college experience is what you make of it. You are at an incredible time in your life where your main responsibility over the next four years is to take advantage of opportunities to study abroad, to find an internship, to have lunch with a professor. In making a final decision, ask yourself which institution will empower you to maximize these next four years.”

At an admitted student reception yesterday in San Francisco, I encouraged students to look within to find personal peace with this decision. Feel confident as you move forward.

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