Stated Meeting of the Trustees Class of 2023

Read, Stated Meeting of the Trustees Class of 2023

Stated Meeting of the Trustees Class of 2023

Dean Eric Furda delivered the below statement on the Class of 2023 to the Board of Trustees at the University of Pennsylvania in the Stated Meeting on Friday, June 14th, 2019:

Trustees, President Gutmann, Provost Pritchett, colleagues,

Driven by the firm conviction that an inclusive learning environment on Penn’s spectacular residential campus, within the dynamic city of Philadelphia, elevates the minds and hearts of all our students, regardless of the context of their upbringing, I am most proud to present to you the University of Pennsylvania class of 2023.

Selected from a pool of 44,961 applicants from over 10,000 secondary schools worldwide, with an admit rate of 7.7%, the enrolled class of 2,412 students:

  • Hail from all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico; with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania leading the way at 17% of the incoming class, including 144 students from the City of Philadelphia. Six Lenfest Scholars, named after the late Gerry Lenfest and wife Marguerite, will enroll from rural, central Pennsylvania communities with ongoing mentoring support from their Foundation
  • 13% of the class are foreign nationals and members of the incoming class, regardless of citizenship,  were educated in 78 countries around the globe
  • 52% of the class are young women who will become the future leaders of the Trustees’ Council of Penn Women
  • 1 in 8 students are First Generation College and nearly 1 in 6 students qualify as Federal Pell Grant Recipients; these students will continue to bring critical dialogue to the Penn First Plus Program and the larger Penn community
  • 9 students will enroll from Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) schools; 132 high ability students from low income backgrounds are Questbridge Scholars and we look forward to welcoming our second cohort of Clark Scholars to Penn Engineering
  • 46% of the entire enrolled class (54% of the U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents) self-identify as Students of Color
  • 6% of the enrolled students  identified Penn’s LGBTQ community as a primary area of campus interest on a post-admission survey
  • Continuing our deep support of Penn Traditions, nearly 17% of the enrolled class had a parent and/or grandparent proudly wear the Red and the Blue over previous generations
  • The middle 50% of test scores on the enrolled class are 1440-1550 on the SAT and 33 to 35 on the ACT
  • Over 90% of the applicant pool were interviewed by the volunteers of the Penn Alumni Interview Program

With a spirit of innovation and an intellectual range of interests—artists and humanists, scientists and mathematicians, social scientists, engineers, business and nursing leaders, these young scholars will all learn from and support each other’s wellness alongside our eminent faculty; they will bring their distinctive identities, interests, and ideas to our college houses, libraries, civic hubs, athletic competitions, performing arts venues, museum galleries, cultural resource centers and to the heart of Locust Walk, collectively forming their class identity as they Thrive at Penn.

President Gutmann, I look forward to the evening of August 26th when you welcome the class of 2023 and another 116 impactful transfer students who will elevate the future of dear old Penn and the complicated world in which we live.

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