Read, Summer is here

Summer is here

Assignments and finals are complete; the year was a success. In the coming weeks, you should feel lighter. I ask of you what I ask of Penn Admissions staff: be proud and rest.

There are many options for your summer experience. Whether your plans are firm or evolving, enjoy the openness and warmth of this time. From an admissions perspective, we encourage students to pursue activities that are personally rewarding. Simply—there is no one summer activity that stands out over others. Regardless of what you choose to do with your summer, take time to question (yourself, the world around you), think (allow your brain to wander), and discover (even small realizations).

How you do what you do and the conclusions you take away from your experiences will always be important.

The following is a short list of summer suggestions, items that complement your summer activities while preparing you for the year ahead–

1. Read. The most accessible way to travel, to experience something new, and to make connections, picking up a few books will satiate your curiosity and allow you to refine your academic interests. Reading also informs your writing, exposing you to a range of voices, styles, and forms. The incoming Penn Class of 2018 will take part in the Penn Reading Project as an opportunity for shared inquiry and learning.

2. Spend time with your family. During this quieter time, allow yourself to be inspired (one of the 5 Is) by the people closest to you. Listen to your family’s stories and investigate how they affect your own journey thus far. Make sure you are on the same page as your parents and mentors. Have an open discussion about your accomplishments, hardships, and goals. This is also a good time to bring up potential college visits and attributes that you are looking for in a college experience.

3. Recharge. From all-nighters and important games to standardized testing, this year was hard work. Restore by focusing on what you need to heal mind and body.

Find more summer suggestions here and enjoy the beginning of your restful break.

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