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Summer Search Ideas

, I tasked you with recharging your mind, body, and outlook. I hope you are finding rejuvenation rewarding, wherever it takes you. (Penn Admissions staffers refresh with lunches on Wynn Commons, classes at Pottruck, Penn’s campus gym, and meetings about the year ahead.)

There are many relaxing ways to learn about the college process during the summer. From café, home, library, or job, engage with virtual college resources. Review free world-class course offerings on Coursera, stunning campus pictures on Instagram, and vivid accounts of student life on admissions blogs. Read through Penn Admissions’ popular live-tweet tour from July 17th and be sure to follow the colleges that interest you on Twitter.

There’s also a lot to learn off-line. Sit down for a candid conversation with a college-age friend. Ask a role model or older mentor about their campus experiences and search process. Walk around a university in your community. Check out the college section of your local library. With an engaged mind, you will find that the summer presents many resources to help you achieve your college goals.


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