To ED Applicants and Their Families

Read, To ED Applicants and Their Families

To ED Applicants and Their Families

On Friday, December 9 at 3pm EST, we will release decisions for early applications to Penn.

So many stories of life-changing “a-ha moments,” inspiring mentors, and bucket-list goals emerged from the applications of our ED candidates. My team and I feel honored to represent these many, unique voices in our admissions committee conversations, and we are both humbled and energized by the passion that each applicant displayed for Penn.

The competition this year was, once again, extremely tough. Every application received a thorough, thoughtful review, and the conversations we had around the committee table were underscored by a deep respect for the hard work and effort that we know each student put into every page of their application. Still, we received 6,147 applications this year – a record number – and because of this, we had to have many difficult conversations in committee that we know will lead to disappointment for some students when decisions are released on Friday.

I’ve mentioned the many stories that emerged in the applications from the students themselves, but, during this time of year when family and community are often at the forefront of our minds, I also want to acknowledge the other voices that came through in the files we received: the voices of counselors and teachers, principals and community leaders, brothers, sisters, moms and dads, whose hard work and commitment have been the foundation on which our applicants build their ambitions. I know that cheering squad – that group of dedicated, excited supporters – will be present to jump for joy if the decision on Friday is “Welcome to the Penn’s Class of 2021!” And I also find great comfort in knowing that same, steady group will be there, arms wide open, to remind those who are disappointed, that they are still bound for great things.

My staff and I thank you for your hard work and for all that you’ve shared with us over the last few months.

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