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To ED Applicants

On Friday, we release decisions for early applications to Penn.

As a collective, ED applicants are passionate, talented, and smart. Students shared with us stories of success, experiences of resilience, and anecdotes that demonstrate creativity and compassion. Our committee conversations bring out these distinguishing qualities with particular attention to potential Penn fit.

This is an extremely competitive year. Our thorough evaluation and selection process is thoughtful, deliberate, and, as you may expect, difficult. We received 5,763 applications, a record number. From what we’ve seen this cycle, we are confident that all of our applicants will meet with success in their college years, even if not at Penn.

In this moment of transition, between this year and next, remind yourself of what remains constant: your identity, goals, interests, and supportive communities. The outcome of the early decision process shouldn’t impact these sources of happiness nor does it reflect what you will achieve as you move through life.

My staff and I appreciate all that you’ve shared with us over the last few months.

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