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A Broader Lens

With the release of Penn’s Early Decision results later this evening, we know there is often a level of curiosity around the decision-making process and about the facts and figures pertaining to the incoming class. For more about the admitted class, please see the 2024 Early Decision Program Press Release which will be published later this evening on this blog. In addition to this information, however, we would be remiss not to take a moment to address more broadly what all of this means and ground the conversation with context about our process and our purpose. 

Earlier this year on this blog, we discussed the college search process as a whole and the excitement of embarking on the journey to your future college destination. We briefly touched on campus visits and shared some tips on discovering which type of environment best aligns with your interests, your passions, and your whole person. We answered questions about finding your place in a college community and recognized the natural changes and growth that often come from that process.  

Now, we are here— the decision time. We recognize that most of the attention surrounding the college search process is focused on individual outcomes, magnified particularly around the time of decision release. Every decision matters, and we do not make these determinations lightly. We acknowledge and respect the impact they have on each individual student, family and community. However, the application stage of the college process is just one moment in what is a much broader opportunity for students to learn and grow during this time of transition.  

Some of you may be asking yourselves, “Where do I go from here?” Regardless of the decision you receive, you still have space and opportunity to continue exploring activities, interests, and passions, while keeping your focus on finishing your senior year strong. 

For those receiving a deferral or denial under Early Decision or Early Action plans, our hope is that these decisions do not hinder your ability to move forward and figure out your next steps. Taking some time to check in with yourself can be helpful. Your perspective may have shifted during this process, providing useful information worth exploring. Revisit your list of colleges and consider your options, keeping in mind all the personal aspects of culture, community, curriculum and intellectual exploration most important to you. 

The reality for all students is that in the next year, you will end up somewhere that will both challenge and value your ideas, your talents, and your perspectives. And when you get there, that is when your journey of exploration, discovery, and growth will truly begin.  

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