Read, How did you find out?

How did you find out?

Christian Moore, W’15: “I was hanging out with my mom [before finding out] and we didn’t really talk about the decision. It was kind of one of those things where I knew my mom was thinking about it and she knew I was thinking about it, but no words were spoken. When 5 PM rolled around, I casually snuck up to my room to check my computer. I brought the screen down to show my mother. She was screaming; she was really dramatic. I felt relieved…I was really, really happy.”

Liz Hutnick, N’13: “I was home alone on the phone with my best friend who was bawling because her boyfriend just broke up with her. I told her, ‘I’ll cry with you—let me go look at my rejection letter.’  I go online, see congratulations, scream, and hang up on her. Then I proceeded to call my entire family and guidance counselors. It was very exciting…My best friend forgave me eventually.”

Ricky Swieton, C’14: “I went to my college counselor’s office right after school. I opened up the email with my guidance counselor and fell to the ground crying with tears of joy. Because of the financial aid piece, my mom wouldn’t have to pay as much as other schools. Everyone was telling me congratulations; my mother and grandmother started crying. It was a big cry fest. It was really exciting… all the struggles I had gone through were worth it.”

Congratulations, seniors, on your acceptances. You did it! Continue enjoying the last few months of high school and look forward to your undergraduate years ahead. Your future, along with the collegiate intellectual and social communities you will be part of, should now be more tangible.

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