Read, Applications are in

Applications are in

January is here. In a recent Huffington Post blog post, “Flip the List,” I wrote about what the winter holds for high school juniors and seniors.

In College Hall, the next few months will focus on the regular decision review process. Our office is excited about completing this important work. It’s a good time to share with you three fundamental concepts that guide our process. You will find that you are familiar with these terms and likely, have encountered them at campus visits and college night programs.

1. Our review is holistic. Your application is comprised of different components (transcript, testing, recommendations, extracurricular activities, essays, and interview); admissions officers review everything. From your academic accomplishments and your teachers’ letters to your supplemental essay, we strive to get to know you. A holistic review is comprehensive and detail-oriented. More often than not, in our review, we see a natural synergy arise between the parts of the whole. This allows your passions, academic choices, and personality (your whole person) to come to life in the committee room.

2. Your application is evaluated in context. We know that your community, school, and family are unique entities. This context is important to the person you are today, and the application you submitted. We work with high school counseling staff to understand the range of opportunities available in each academic context. We recognize and celebrate the differences across schools and communities.

3. This is a human process. Over the next few weeks, applications will allow us to learn, to think differently, to be inspired, and laugh (out loud at times). We are grateful for your openness and honesty in this process. In the committee room, my colleagues across the University connect with applicants’ spirit and aspirations.

And a final note for seniors – The January deadline is behind you and the end of your high school experience is ahead, it’s time to relax and enjoy your activities, your classes, and peers. Balance this period of waiting with the rewards of daily life.

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