Read, Bravo!


Congratulations on the acceptances you’ve received and those still to come.

With many possibilities ahead, I encourage you to re-visit the 4Cs. Investigate each school’s culture, curriculum, community, and conclusions. If you can, take a walk around campus and create a personal scavenger hunt: find the clubs that speak to you; take time to go to a class (or two); talk to as many current students and alumni as possible. Dig deeper into the opportunities that engage, empower, and energize you.

During moments like these, we are traditionally asked to consider how the possibilities ahead will change us as individuals, students, friends, and leaders.

Today, I’m asking you to invert this concept. Consider how you will change campus. Reviewing files over the past months, Penn admissions officers and I were inspired by the many ways our admitted students will transform the Penn community. We will enroll 2,400 unique student perspectives, each voice contributing immeasurable value to the University.

Our office is letting new Quakers know that the Penn campus will not be the same without them.

Where will you make an impact?

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