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Connecting Communities

Our office has transformed into road warriors.

Maybe you’ve met a Penn Admissions representative in your town. We are spending the fall doing what we love best–meeting student leaders, thinkers, and innovators to discuss Penn and the application process.

Getting to know your community is an integral part of this work. We want to know your high school mascot, your typical class size, your experiences in this particular space. Meanwhile, after school, we find new favorite coffee shops and drive on new roads, past novel landmarks.

Connections, from your town to Penn, are important to us. Consider the Penn community. Allow us to explain what it means to join 1,000 hackers on campus for the PennApps Hackathon or to run along the Schuylkill River, alongside bikers, skaters, and dogs, on a Saturday morning. While traveling, we are still very much grounded in Philadelphia – our office is coming together for invite-only Ivy in Your Backyard programming on October 26th, we follow Penn’s facebook, instagram, #upenn, and twitter, we stay updated on Philly events, and spend free moments enjoying Locust Walk.

Immersion in new communities, one of the 4 Cs, sparks important dialogue. Discover, with us, how these spaces (both home and away) are connected to well-being, development and goals.

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