Deadlines, Requirements and Life

Read, Deadlines, Requirements and Life

Deadlines, Requirements and Life

My thoughts and wishes for a safe recovery are with all those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  In the suburbs of Philadelphia, many homes are still without electricity and some schools are still closed.  It is during times of adversity when citizens of all ages and backgrounds need to pull together.  It is also the time to keep our priorities in proper order.

Penn extended the early decision deadline to Tuesday, November 6, 2012 from November 1 so students impacted were not distracted by college applications when more pressing family and community needs had to be addressed.  This is also important for our colleagues in college counseling and teaching who have been away from their schools and classrooms.

We also know that the postponement of standardized test dates may create concern for those students who would have completed Penn’s testing requirements or sought to improve their scores by sitting for an additional test.  All candidates should be assured that Penn’s Office of Admissions always takes the context of a student’s candidacy and extenuating circumstances into consideration.  You can write an email to your individual admissions officer from the following list if you have any concerns regarding the postponement of test dates.

The bottom line is that Penn’s Office of Admissions is here to work with students and school officials as we all manage application deadlines, testing requirements and the realities of life.

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