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Today, Inge Herman, Executive Director of the Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business, discusses the Huntsman Program essay. Continue reading for insight and information.

2013-14 essay: “In light of your personal interests in language, business, and international affairs, please discuss a current global issue and explain how the Huntsman Program would allow you to explore it in greater depth.”

“The Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business integrates a superior education in international studies and business with advanced language training and a wide range of liberal arts courses. Students ready themselves for global leadership—across fields— with two degrees, diverse and supportive on-campus and alumni communities, and rigorous, exciting experiences abroad.

The Huntsman Program essay is an opportunity for prospective students to demonstrate the extent to which they understand the interdisciplinary nature of the Huntsman curriculum. The confluence of business, international studies, and language is an ideal way to examine the multitude of global issues facing our world today. Thus, the essay is an opportunity to address and examine one of the many global challenges through an interdisciplinary lens. Applicants should be aware that they are not limited to writing about the country/region of the world associated with their language of focus. They may choose ANY issue they deem important. Applicants should approach the issue with the intention of demonstrating a command in writing and in argumentation that produces a well thought out essay, which also conveys a genuine interest in business and international affairs. All quotes/sources should be cited. The essay is a wonderful opportunity to hear the applicant’s voice.”

Check P217 frequently for insight into Penn’s interdisciplinary programs and their required essays.

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