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On the walk to College Hall, the home of Penn Admissions, you pass the oldest library on Penn’s campus, Fisher Fine Arts Library, designed by Frank Furness.

Last Friday, Knut Åsdam, Mellon Artist-in-Residence at Penn, transformed the library’s courtyard with a 3D installation.  “Edgelands,” Knut Åsdam’s multi-part project is an example of Penn’s commitment to art and expression in its varied forms.

As observers of space, community members, artists and thinkers of all types, “Edgelands” invites campus dialogue:

• What is the effect of an ordinary object transformed— in this case a fence?

• How can we use spaces of habit, such as this courtyard, differently?

• What do we learn about history, the present, and our future in the visions, and juxtapositions, that others’ create?

The path to 1 College Hall, Penn Admissions, changed last week.  What shifts in habit, thought, and landscape meet you? (And how might these changes inspire your personal work, such as college essays?)

To learn more about art & culture at Penn, see:

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