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Interviews: Bring Questions

Patrick Bredehoft, Director of the Penn Alumni Interview Program, encourages students to come with questions to demonstrate interest in being part of this lifelong community:

“Come with a few questions in mind. Universities are looking for students who hope to share their ideas with others, who are hungry for diverse perspectives, and eager to meet lots of different kinds of people. These are students who will, figuratively, take a ‘big bite’ out of the university.

It’s really important that these questions are not specific to the university this month (or even this year), as your alumni interviewer might have graduated five or even thirty years ago. Instead, think about how the university experience has shaped your interviewer’s life and community. It’s okay if you are interviewed by someone with different interests–just as this conversation is not a quiz for you, it’s also not a quiz for them.”

This wraps up our conversation on interviews. I want to send a huge thanks to Patrick for his insight into the interview process.

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