Read, Interviews: Why This School

Interviews: Why This School

To continue the conversation on interviews, Patrick Bredehoft, Director of the Penn Alumni Interview Program, discusses how to highlight your reasons for applying:

“Know why you are applying to this university. This doesn’t mean memorizing the names of fifteen buildings on campus or reciting prominent traditions, but rather being able to speak in specific terms about your choice to submit an application to this university. Specificity helps your interviewer and the Admissions Committee see a connection between you and the University; it also reflects the thought and work you put into your application.

Take this time to discuss particular professors, courses, or facilities. For example, it’s not enough to say that you want to focus on creative writing in college. Note the guest speakers (poets or writers perhaps) who come to campus, the spaces for writers (at Penn, this might be the Kelly Writers House), or the university’s approach to creative writing coursework. There might be multiple programs you wish to talk about or a specific club or activity that you are excited about.

Remember, your interests don’t always need to line up in a logical way. The best thing you can do is be honest and authentic. What are you excited about and why did you submit this application?”

Check back soon to learn how to bring your interests and passions to life.

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