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Interviews: Share Interests

What do you hope to achieve, in academic and extracurricular experiences, on this campus? Patrick Bredehoft, Director of the Penn Alumni Interview Program, provides insight into this important part of the interview:

“The interviewer will want to get to know you; be ready to discuss your specific interests and passions. While you should talk about what you have done in high school, this piece of the conversation will go farther—and deeper—than Page 4 of the Common Application.  Which activities are you committed to pursuing at the university level? Why?  Colleges are interested in specific, developed interests as these are the passions and ideas that you will bring to campus. Being able to articulate that desire to go deeper into an academic or extracurricular interest is important and something the interviewer will share with the Admissions Committee.”

Check back soon for Page 217’s next, and last, article on the interview.

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