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Kite and Key

“Let the experiment be made.” –Benjamin Franklin, Penn founder

Remembering Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite and key experiment, Penn is flying kites this fall. Penn Admissions sent thousands to high school guidance offices while our regional admissions representatives are decorating their College Hall offices with the red and blue kite and golden key.

What does the kite and key mean to us?

Innovation—A reminder to connect theory to practice, to allow our ideas to be daring, and to be risk takers in our daily lives.

Aspiration—Benjamin Franklin aspired to make a difference in his community through invention, philanthropy, diplomacy, and writing. How can our aspirations remain present and real throughout high school, college, and post-grad life?

Difference—Penn’s kite and key is a unique addition to high school guidance offices. We are proud of what sets us apart.

Purpose—Benjamin Franklin developed the kite and key experiment to learn about electricity’s potential. As the fall becomes increasingly busy with midterms, regular decision applications, and important athletic games, academic competitions, and arts performances, it is important to set goals for each day and to see a purpose for our effort and hard work.

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