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Likely Notification

The University of Pennsylvania Office of Admissions will be notifying Class of 2018 ‘likely admitted’ students from mid-February through the beginning of March. ‘Likely’ is a process in which students are notified of highly probable admission prior to official Ivy League decision notification, which is March 27 this year.

‘Likely’ is one of the many stages of Penn’s evaluation and selection process. The office is thrilled to recognize this small group of students that speak to the University in strong and unique ways. Penn reviews applications by undergraduate school and program, like Penn’s Coordinated Dual Degree programs, and this is reflected in the timing of our ongoing notifications. Note that ‘likely’ students represent less than 10% of overall admitted students to the Penn Class of 2018.

I want to take a step back to reflect on the overall admissions continuum. Our thoughtful and methodical review allows us to communicate with groups of students in distinct processes and programs at various moments, from early decision in the fall to a waitlist process that continues through the end of June. Each step in this larger timeframe is exciting—on March 27th, we look forward to communicating with all regular decision applicants to Penn.

Regular decision opens up options for all students. Embrace a spring of hard work (keep your senior grades up!) and celebration as you learn about opportunities and options for your future.

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