Read, Photos of a Recent Trip

Photos of a Recent Trip

This set of photographs represents my recent trip to Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and South Africa, with Elisabeth O’Connell, Senior Associate Dean. We met prospective students, new members of the Class of 2019, current Penn undergraduates at home for summer break, Penn alumni, and enthusiastic educators. The opportunity to have conversations about the college process and get to know welcoming and talented individuals in all stages of life is very rewarding.

During the summer, high school juniors in the U.S. and abroad have time to take active forward steps in their application process. Looking ahead, prospective students often ask for advice. In my discussions, I share the 5Is and 4Cs, a framework for approaching the college admissions process. The 5Is form a self-assessment and reflect your personal compass, ideas, and identity. The 4Cs are the next step, and connect the 5Is to potential college fit.

This trip was an opportunity to learn from students and educators in their own community setting. Identifying the ideas and places that are important to us and approaching college choices with an investigative and open-mind are tools for a successful college process.

Clockwise from left: An information session in Zimbabwe; current students and us talking about Penn in the Education USA/US Embassy Office in Harare, Zimbabwe; visiting the African Leadership Academy in South Africa; several members of the Classes of 2018 and 2019 from Zimbabwe



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