Read, Preparing for ED Release

Preparing for ED Release

On Monday, we release decisions for early applicants to Penn. I look forward to welcoming part of the Penn Class of 2019 to campus. The University community is excited to engage our newest students as they make this transition.

Prepare for decision release by keeping these thoughts in mind—
– Penn’s early decision applicant pool increased by 7% to 5,489 individuals. A record for our office, my colleagues and I are honored to know that so many students are excited about the opportunities at Penn. We celebrate every applicant’s accomplishments and discuss individual fit with campus in a dialogue-driven review process. Getting to know future leaders, at the very beginning of their path forward, puts our office in a privileged position.

– Our office is responsible for admitting a class which will become part of a larger dynamic campus community. This collective will include voices representative of many academic, cultural, and social opportunities on campus. The depth of our pool indicates a wide range of potential matches with the university. Committee room discussions allow us to make our final, and difficult, decisions. As we build a collective, know that individual merit is not defined, or contained, by admissions decisions. Admissions decisions cannot reflect the varied and notable accomplishments we see in our applicant pool. Allow an admissions decision to guide but not define you.

– Regardless of decision outcome, remember that you are in control of this process. Your work with the 5Is (identity, intellect, ideas, interests, inspiration) is a strong foundation for your continuing college process. Your passion, creativity, and long-term goals will inform your next steps. If you receive an affirmative response in the early decision process, this energy will inspire deeper research into the campus community. If, at this point, your decision is not affirmative, feel confident about where you are and your fit with various college options as defined by your priorities when investigating colleges through the 4Cs (culture, curriculum, community, conclusions).

On Monday, at 10:30 am, Eileen Cunningham Feikens, Director of College Counseling at Dwight-Englewood School, and I will discuss the early process and perspective heading into regular decision on Knowledge@Wharton’s show on SiriusXMradio. Use call-in number (215) 898-7503/7505 to join. Call in!

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