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Questions on the Road

With the first day of fall behind us, Admissions Officers shift from summer planning to programming in your town. The most rewarding part of this season? Conversations with students, counselors, teachers, mentors, families, and alumni.

Read on for a few great questions from the road. Continue the dialogue at your next information session.

Can you tell me about your school’s academic philosophy?
This question focuses on how you will learn on campus. Get to know the academic ecosystem at each of the schools that interest you. Understand how you might move through the curriculum. Consider how this specific environment will support your academic passions and goals.

How do students approach service in your campus community?
It’s important to remember that impact is defined widely and you can engage in many different ways. Admissions officers can tell you about campus centers and initiatives that spearhead civic engagement. From there, you can do your own research online and connect to student organizations that inspire you.

I am unable to visit your school. How can I get a “feel” for your campus without visiting?
Due to various constraints (time, money, distance), it is understandable that you will not be able to visit all the schools on your list. Learn how to creatively connect with the physical campus, student body, and neighboring community. My office’s favorite ways to get to know Penn include our website, Twitter, Instagram, and Admissions blog.

Can you tell me about campus resources and spaces that will support my peers and me throughout our college years?
Think about how you will be supported as you take on challenges, explore, and grow. Learn about campus hubs for community and innovation, interactions between students and professors, and on-campus housing experiences.

What next steps should I take in my college application process?
This question acknowledges your place in the college search and application continuum. Admissions officers are ready to speak with students who are just getting started as well as those who have already sent in applications. Expect tips, an overview of key deadlines, and clarity on any personal questions you might have.

Tell me more about financial aid and the financial aid application process at your school?
Financial aid is a very important consideration for you and your family. Penn’s Student Financial Services Office gives insight into this process in an article on Page 217. Make sure that you feel knowledgeable and confident about applying for aid.

And remember, all questions are welcome as you meet admissions staffers around the world and in your community.

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