Statement on the Death of George Floyd

Read, Statement on the Death of George Floyd

Statement on the Death of George Floyd

President Gutmann reminds us of the many indignities and injustices faced by people of color in her recent statement on the death of George Floyd. Recently, Provost Pritchett wrote a message to the Penn community on the impact of the protests in Philadelphia and shared resources and opportunities for continued engagement and conversation at Penn.

We recognize that George Floyd’s death is only one example of the systemic violence perpetrated against the Black community, and that this moment exists within a larger historical context. Internationally, nationally, and locally we have seen outpourings of grief and rage. We understand that we are each experiencing this moment in a different way, and we understand that some among us shoulder a greater burden. The fact that we are not able to connect physically, due to COVID, only adds to the sense of isolation that we feel.

“We must, as a country and community, resolve to find better ways forward to understand and address systemic racism and closely related economic, educational, political, and social inequities. We must work together to build more hope for the future.”  — Dr. Amy Gutmann, President

Read the President’s full statement here and the Provost’s full statement here.

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