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Summer Begins

The 2012-13 academic year has come to a close and, wherever you are in your high school journey, I applaud your hard work in and out of the classroom. As we move from one season to the next, I encourage you to use this summer for discovery, service, creativity, and, of course, relaxation. In addition to planned activities and work, find time for experiences new and old, familiar and surprising.

Remember to keep the new Common Application essay prompts in mind this summer. Both your summer experiences and the time you set aside for reflection will be valuable to your writing process.

Today, Penn Admissions shares favorite summer activites:

Find fun ways to be intellectually active–go to museums, historical sites, and public libraries.

Plant vegetables and flowers in your backyard. A garden is something to live off of; the work is challenging; the result is beautiful.

Join a community orchestra. Playing music allows your brain to access different parts of your capacity and communicate in new ways.

Serve your community in a way that makes sense to you and your passions.

Hike. Discover new scenes and trails. Find peace in both your outlook and surroundings.

Eat breakfast with a book (lunch & dinner too!). Keep books nearby to continue learning and deepen your exposure to different cultures, places, and ideas.

See what you can learn from others. Listen. Allow yourself to be inspired by the stories of those you know well or perhaps don’t know at all.

Be in the world. Stay outside until the street lights come on.

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