Read, Tomorrow


Penn’s Office of Admissions, alongside all Ivy League universities, will release admissions decisions on Thursday, March 28, at 5PM EDT. As high school seniors log on to their decision sites (we’re watching the numbers spike on our end), there is no doubt that these moments are a definitive part of senior year. At this time in Admissions, we’re anticipating the small pieces that will fall into place, the future interactions and revelations that result from these moments, and a culmination of your high school work.

Similar to Early Decision, there are three possible outcomes during Regular Decision: admit, waitlist, or deny. However, there are also key differences. Regular decision acceptances are not binding. If admitted to more than one of the schools on your list, take time to assess the best fit for you. If possible, attend admitted student days, contact current students, and spend time on each school’s website or YouTube channel. Waitlist is also an option unique to regular decision. If you remain interested in a school at which you were waitlisted, reply affirmatively to joining the waitlist and, if appropriate, write to your regional admissions representative to express your continued interest—however, we encourage you to get excited about those schools that have sent you an acceptance letter. If denied from one or more of the schools on your list, please remember that this does not define you or dilute your accomplishments. Know that these are extremely difficult decisions for admissions offices and we are very excited for students as they find their best fit.

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