University of Pennsylvania Class of 2023 Early Decision Program

Read, University of Pennsylvania Class of 2023 Early Decision Program

University of Pennsylvania Class of 2023 Early Decision Program

The University of Pennsylvania received 7,110 applications under the first-choice Early Decision Program for the entering class of 2023. From this group of highly talented and compelling students from around the globe, 1,279 students were offered admission, approximately 53% of the expected enrolling class in the fall of 2019.

Nationally, 42 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico are represented in the class with the highest concentration of admitted students from Pennsylvania (206), New York (137), New Jersey (136), California (122), Florida (52) and Texas (36). Fifty-nine students reside in the city of Philadelphia.

13% of the class are international students based on their citizenship, hailing from 48 countries from Australia to Zimbabwe.

51% percent of the admitted students are female, 48% of the U.S. Citizens/Permanent Residents self-reported as a member of a minority group, and 11% are first-generation college students.  23% of the admitted students had a parent or grandparent attend Penn in prior generations.

Admitted students have pursued a most demanding secondary school curriculum in a range of educational settings. Their middle 50% testing ranges are 1440-1550 on the SAT and 33-35 on the ACT.

Eric J. Furda C’87, Penn’s Dean of Admissions, commented, “In considering the breadth of accomplishments and life experiences of these Early Decision students who form the foundation of the incoming class, we have great expectations about the opportunity for each of them to grow intellectually and socially, while contributing their own unique voice to Penn’s campus and the city of Philadelphia.”

Please reference Dean Furda’s blog for his piece Facts, Stats and the Bigger Picture for a deeper understanding of the admissions selection process and advice to current seniors, juniors and sophomores on the college process.

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