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Upcoming Decisions

Soon you will be able to view online decisions for early application processes—there are several outcomes. Whether you see an admit, defer, or deny letter, please keep the following in mind:

– Take a step back.
Acknowledge your hard work balancing the demands of college applications and a challenging first semester of senior year. Think about the communities that supported you during this process, helping you grow into the person you are today. Reflect on the initiative and leadership you took on and noted in your early application.

– Start thinking about next steps.
For some students, this might mean going back to the beginning. Why was this school on your list to begin with and how might this inform your regular decision process? We will speak about this strategy next week on Page 217 as we think about how the 5Is and 4Cs inform the college search process. I will also introduce an additional layer to this concept: Attributes and Alignment.

– You are in control.
Only you, as a student, can connect what it is you want to learn and achieve with what colleges do and need. As we unpack Attributes and Alignment, we will continue to discuss how this process can be strategic and mindful.

– Get excited.
Again, whichever outcome you receive, remember that a new path is opening up for you. Being in a place of uncertainty, opportunity, and challenge can be a very rewarding experience.

Next week, I am very excited to tell you more about how the 5Is and 4Cs are developing. We are going to speak to strategy, to mindfulness, and to Attributes and Alignment in the context of the college search process as it develops for seniors as well as juniors, sophomores, and freshmen looking ahead.

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